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Is Your Weber Kettle Grill Lid Thermometer Opposite The Vent?

I get a lot of questions from people after watching my videos asking why the lid thermometer on my grill is next to the vent but the thermometer on their grill is opposite the vent so I thought I'd post this Q & A page.






Q: Why is their lid thermometer opposite the vent but my lid thermometer is next to the vent?

A: My lid did not have a thermometer so I installed one. The reason I placed it next to the vent is also the answer to question two.

Q: Shouldn't the thermometer be next to the vent for indirect cooks?

A: Yes, in my opinion the lid thermometer should be placed next to the vent because the vent is normally placed over the food on indirect cooks.

Q: Is there a reason Weber put the thermometer opposite the vent?

A: I have no idea why Weber would do this but my first guess would be whoever OK'd the placement never used their own product for indirect cooks or it wouldn't be there. This placement is actually the second spot on the lid where the thermometer is/was located. The first spot was at the 9 o'clock position relative to the vent. I'm also guessing someone thought the thermometer would look nicer opposite the vent and this is why they moved it from the 9 o'clock position. In my opinion the vent sitting overtop of the hot coals on indirect cooks or any cook serves absolutely no purpose.

Q: My vent sits over the hot coals on indirect cooks so the vent is over the meat. Is there anyway to gauge how much of a difference there is on what the thermometer is showing and the actual temp over the food?

A: Not that I can think of but I get this question a lot so I posted a video addressing this question that includes a temp test cook. 

Q: My lid vent is opposite the vent, any suggestions?

A: A few options: Buy a 3rd party lid thermometer and place it next to the vent. Use a digital thermometer that sits next to the food on the grate. Set a long stem thermometer (deep frying thermometer) through the vent. You can also use an oven thermometer but you'll need to open the lid to see the temp.


Personally I think it's a shame you spend a minimum of $100 for one of these kettle grills which comes with a lid thermometer but then you need to buy another one.


Watch Video on YouTube Addressing the Questions on this Page.


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